El Piano : Orla CDP 31

  Orla El Piano : CDP 31

Orla El Piano : CDP 31
CDP 31

Fantastisk lækkert og elegant el-piano med meget naturtro Grand-piano lyde samt 480 orkesterlyde. 16 spors sequenser og USB-stik m.m. 2x15w højtalersystem og meget mere.

Kr.: 12.750,-

Keyboard 88 Notes Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
Touch Response 3 Selectable Curves, Off
Sounds 20 Panel Sounds+2 Player Choice, 485 Sounds Total
Polyphony 64 Notes Max
Layer – Split Layer with Balance Feature, Split, Left Sound, Bass to Left, Left: 485 Sounds, Bass: 8 Sounds
Effects 3 Reverb, Chorus
Display Back Lit Display
Metronome 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8
USB Recording Studio 16 Tracks Sequencer
Tuning Transpose, Pitch
Demo Songs 26 Demos
Pedals 3 Pedals - Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain
Overall Presets 24 Panel Memories
Midi 16 Channels, Local On/Off, CC-PC On/Off
Amplification 2x15 watts
USB SMF Recorder 16 Tracks, Quick Record, USB Files, Record, Play/Stop, Track On/Off, USB Song Volume
Finish Rosewood, Black Polished
Connections L/R Outputs, L/R Inputs, In/Out/Thru, 2 Headphones, USB to Computer,
Weight Kg. 67
Size cm.136 (W) x 49 (D) x 88 (H) 84 withstand
Optional Accessories Bench

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